What’s the Best Way to Spend a Summer Day?

The heat is on! Whether you’re sheltering at home or on the road with your RV, sometimes the summer months can feel stultifying. But heat and humidity don’t need to mean that the fun stops!

What are your favorite ways to spend a summer day?

Here at Gulf Coast RV Resort, we cater to some of the best!

  • Walking Nature Trails or Playing With Pups. Grab a water bottle and set out on a stroll or a hike around Gulf Coast RV Resort! Our dog park also provides a place for your traveling companion to run free and get the wiggles out.
  • Fishing. We’ve been writing a lot about the great fishing opportunities all around Gulf Coast RV Resort, and that’s for good reason! Hit the water before the worst heat of the day rolls in, and set your sights on redfish or hogfish or spend the day scalloping. Either way, you’ve caught a delicious dinner!
  • Break Out the Grill. Ready to cook the fish or scallops you caught earlier in the day? Craving burgers or a steak? Just a few steps outside your RV is the perfect spot to make dinner. There’s something special about a freshly grilled meal and the rustic flavors of the outdoors you can’t enjoy any other way.
  • Experiencing Natural Parks. Short drives away from Gulf Coast RV Resort you’ll find incredible natural experiences. Visit a beach, species spot at nature reserves, or choose a shaded spot and relax, just taking in all the sights and sounds.
  • Sunbathing and Swimming. Our pool is the place to be when its hot! Whether you’re in the water or cultivating your tan on the deck, being near the water hits the spot on summer days. Looking for a change in surroundings? The beaches around Gulf Coast RV Resort are also perfect for sunny, steamy days.

So, what are you up to this summer?

Inglis, Florida, is Starting to Heat Up

Great news for locals and travelers alike–Florida is starting to heat up! It is a great time to book your stay at Gulf Coast RV Resort.

If you’re dreaming of poolside relaxation, reading a book or cultivating a tan, Florida is the perfect location. And Gulf Coast RV Resort in Inglis, Florida, part of Florida’s Nature Coast, is the ideal place to stay.

Our Scallop Season promotion is just around the corner but our top-notch amenities are open now!